I used to go to Newcastle Mayfair

Newcastle Mayfair, legendary Rock Club which was around for years until it closed in 1999 was home to loud music, hair, air guitars, hippies, goths, rock gods and rock chicks!

When I set this group up I didn't realise there was already another in existence on Facebook called The Mayfair Rock Club so have a look at that as well!

This group is mainly for those who frequented the sticky carpeted love shack in the 80's - the best time to be there of course! The hair, the spandex and leather and those schoolgirl nights!

The Mayfair played host to some amazing live music concerts - who did you see???

Anyone who went will have memories of what the place meant to them so let's hear the stories, when you went, what you did (!) and who you did it with (!) and if you have any photo's then lets see them!

Keep on rockin in the freeworld,
Group Creator