Jamaica Design Association (JDA)

At the heart of Jamaican innovation - The hub of our design industry, the Jamaica Design Association (JDA ) aims to inspire, educate and support members of Jamaica's design industry while maintaining a connection with designers and design enthusiasts from nations all across the globe - through collaboration, conversation and camaraderie.

Members are welcome from ALL design disciplines and their related industries, including:

Architectural design, Automotive design, Business design, Ceramic and glass design, Color design, Communication design, Engineering design, Environmental design, Experience design, Fashion design, Floral design, Furniture design, Game design, Garden design, Graphic design, Industrial design, Information design, Instructional design, Interaction design, Interior design, Landscape design, Lighting design, Machine design, Mechanical design, News design, Packaging design, Product design, Production design, Service design, Software design, Sound design, System design, Theatrical design, Type design, Urban design, User experience design, User interface design, Web design Writing, and Film.

Through sharing and collaboration, we each bring our particular expertise and interests to the conversation, expanding our knowledge base and growing together.

We also aspire to enlighten consumers and make our industry a little less elusive to them. The JDA also aims to protect the rights of designers and their clients within the marketplace.

Join us today! We'd love to hear from you!

Website: http://jamaicadesign.org/

On Twitter: http://twitter.com/jamaicadesign

Email: info@jamaicadesign.org OR jamaicadesign@gmail.com