Japan Sneakerheads

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! Failure to follow the rules will result in having your post taken down and/or being removed from the group or permanent banishment. Rules will be edited and changed so please check the rules weekly. FEEL FREE TO INVITE YOUR FELLOW SNEAKER HEADS anywhere in the world.

1. ALL POST AND COMMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH ONLY. For new releases, you can only RESELL your pair at a profit of $50 or ¥5,000 for the first week (7 days) after the release date. After one week the price is yours.

2. All sale must have a Buy it now (BIN)price, STRICTLY NO OFFER UPS!!! testing waters post must have a starting offer(S/O) also inpu size, condition and an actual picture of the shoe with Name Tag/Name Plate. NOTE: WATERMARKS, Gamer Tags, PSN etc.. are NOT CONSIDERED TAGS. Your tag must be ACCURATE with your FACEBOOK NAME. Sellers will provide all the informations about the shoe but make sure you do your home work (research) before buying.

3. Do not insult other members. If it is disrespectful, keep it to yourself. (racism, name calling, weight, etc.)

4. Do not threaten other members! This will not be tolerated. (threaten to rob, fight, kill, etc.)

5. No scamming, giving other members false information about your shoe.

6. No flaking, flakers will be banned at the admins discretion.

7. No selling of fakes.

8. We only buy/sell/trade SHOES here. No clothing, electronics, weapons of mass destruction, and other crazy stuffs. You may able to sell other items like shirts, sweaters, hats and so on, ONLY IF these items are related to the shoe; and selling as pack(shoes must be included). otherwise your post will be automatically deleted.

9. Do not mass bump your post, you are only limited to ONE bump per hour.

10. We are NOT liable for events that occur during transactionsWe are only providing a commonplace to find buyers, sellers, and traders. What happens beyond that is your responsibility.

*** Administrators can amend these rules at any given time.We will notify the group if any changes are made.

This group is not all about selling sneakers. It's about bringing the sneakerheads together as a community and help out eachother.