ATTN: If you are requesting to join this group I must be able to see your location on your timeline. I filter every request that comes through to reduce spam posted in this site. If you are not local I will not accept. Thank you!

Everyone Read the Rules before posting to this page...

~*Jasper, Porter, Lake & Newton Co. IN Garages Sale Page*~

RULES (subject to change as I see fit)

1. Be curtious of other members. This includes going by a first come first serve basis. If someone is interested in an item give them time, not everyone is online all day long, let the interested party have atleast 24 hours before moving on to the next in line.

2. If you are going to upload more than 3 items you need to make an album....when you post 10+ items to the wall it fills with only your items, everyone is on here for the same reason to buy and sell things it is rude to our other members when you fill the wall and knock all thier stuff to the bottom.

3. Only BUMP 3 of your items a day...again when you bump 10+ items at a time it fills our walls and knocks our other members down.

4. BUMP your posts rather than uploading the same picture over and over again....again this fills the wall with the same items. (this goes for the self businesses too)

5. Do Not stand up other members, I understand things may happen if you cannot meet when arranged to notify the other pary involved, otherwise they are wasting their time and money on drving somewhere to meet you, it will not be tolerated, one complaint and you will get a warning second your off the page.

6. NO SPAM, I see spam you and the posts will be removed.

REMEMBER everyone is here for the same reasons to sell there things make some money, and to buy things.

If there is a complaint about you you will recieve a warning message from me that someone has complained about you, If I get a second complaint I will have to remove you.

If you have a complaint about someone feel free to message me.

If someone stands you up message me.

You are welcome to promote upcoming events to get the word out.

Make sure the items/services you are selling or are searching for are appropriate and LEGAL.

PLEASE be respectful to one another. NO SELLING OR ISO (in search of) OF BABIES OR CHILDREN, NO POSTING OF ANYKIND OF ANYTHING ILLEGAL. This causes too much drama and controversy, not to mention if not done properly or legally can go extremely wrong!!

I and ANY other ADMINISTRATOR have the RIGHT to REMOVE anything and anyone WITHOUT notice.

Please be cautious when you buy. Set up your own arrangements try to remember to meet in public places for your own safety. I and this group are NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANY transactions that are MADE or POSTED on the group page.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. Have fun, enjoy and add you friends!

♥ ~Brie