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Komunikasi ing grup iki bisa nganggo basa Jawa (krama lan ngoko) basa Ingris, basa landa. Nek ora mudeng yo di translate karo Google.

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“Mengintip” Sejarah dan Perjuangan Para Mantan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) Asal Indonesia, di Suriname

1890: The arrival of the Javanese
About twenty years after the arrival of the first Hindustan contract laborers, Javanese contract workers were brought to Suriname . The reason was the strong influence that the British had in Suriname by the UK regulator. It was important for the Dutch to their contract workers not much dependent on the British. Java was a Dutch colony to recruit suitable for contract workers.

The recruitment of the Javanese
Although the Dutch government demands were placed on the recruitment of Javanese, proved in practice to go to otherwise. Recruiting Javanese was left to emigration offices in Java. These names Javanese employed recruiters who recruited a Javanese received 80 guilders. For many Javanese poverty was the reason for pulling Suriname.

1939: The end of the Javanese immigration
The contract was for considerably more than the Javanese Hindostanen. This is due to the fact that the British demands on the Hindostan immigration, which the Javanese did not apply. The Second World War was a definitive end to the Javanese migration to Suriname. During the period 1890 to 1939 there are 32,956 Javanese in Suriname arrived. Only about one quarter of the Javanese used the free trip to Java.