Jamaican Folklore & Heritage

The main focus of this Group is to exchange thoughts, ideas and life experiences - both past and present; especially when living in Jamaica.
Content posted in the form of photos, news, information, comedy or music, is to be directly or indirectly related to Jamaica and/or Caribbean in nature. Current affairs of such significance to impact the world; and/or the Jamaican diaspora at large
Also, a member can post any news, matters of current events or information which could be a benefit when shared with the members of this group.

• Members are to respect each others' opinions.
• Content must not be commercial, illegal, pornographic, blatantly offensive, hateful, discriminatory, harassing, threatening, or violent, especially to individual members of the group.
We in the Jamaica Folklore and Heritage group believe that everyone has a right to exist and to be treated respectfully regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation. Anyone who persists in attacking any such group will be removed from this page. Name calling and personal attacks will also not be tolerated. Anyone violating these basic rules will receive one warning via PM and then will be removed from the page if the behavior occurs a second time, so please conduct yourself with this advisory in mind.

. No member is allowed to BLOCK an ADMIN in this group. If you feel that you should block an ADMIN, that will result in automatic expulsion from the group. You may INBOX a complaint to the other ADMINS regarding the conduct of the ADMIN you are having a problem with. If there is an IMPASSE, the matter will be deemed INCONCLUSIVE and both the ADMIN and group member shall allow for a 'RESET'.... 'RESET' simply means that neither party will be admonished in the ruling and that both ADMIN and member continue to be engaged in the group WITHOUT MALICE...

• Intellectual property laws cover all photos, videos, and third party material. It is the member’s sole responsibility to ascertain the right to share such material. JFH is held harmless against copyright violations.
• If you notice any member not adhering to the rules, please refer them to the “About” page and contact one of the Admins via email. The matter will be reviewed and a determination will be made.
• If a complaint is lodged against a member it will be reviewed by the Admins. If the member is found not adhering to the rules a warning will be issued for the first time. On the second complaint, if the member is found still not adhering to the rules they will be removed from the group.
. We have decided to CAP the JFH MEMBERSHIP to 3,000.
. NO FOOD POSTS PLEASE.... Check out our sister group, Jamaica Food & Lifestyles for that.