Johnson & Ellis County Vapers

Johnson & Ellis Counties in Texas and surrounding areas, especially south of the DFW metro area.

Here you can buy sell and trade Vaping equipment.

Sarcasm and joking are ok. But!
We will not tolerate disrespect or bashing of anyone or any shop.

As for shops posting sales and ads. Please be with in the Johnson county or Ellis County or within 3 miles of the area.
Shops Before posting please message one of the admins. Allowed shops to post. We will add you to this list. Please keep posting to every other day.(48 hrs)

Gothic Vapor, Joe's Vapor, Texas Vapor, Redneck Vapor, Vip Vapor, Burleson Vapor, Exquisite Vapor, Vapor Depot, Violet Vapor, Great vapes Midlothian, Jaded Vapor(South arlington), Texas Rebel Juice, Nerd-E-Juice, Vicious vapors

Any issues please contact an admin. We are looking for other admins. If you are interested please contact one of us.