Bible Study in Facebook

If you've been in church for any length of time, you've probably... had the opportunity to join a small group Bible study. Maybe you've already taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity, but if you haven't, there are some benefits you may not know about that you'll experience as the result of being part of a one of this intimate group. Please share your testimony, encouraging messages, Bible related queries, sermons and Bible verses to encourage and sharpen each other in Christ.

HOWEVER, we have certain RULES and REGULATIONS to maintain the decorum of this GODLY FAMILY (Violators may be banned anytime):

1) There will be NO INSULTS or FOUL LANGUAGE tolerated or accepted by ADMINISTRATION.

2) DO NOT ADVERTISE items for sale on here neither use this Forum to advertise EVENTS nor MUSIC. NO Spam. Do NOT post repeatedly

3) DO NOT compromise on the truth, use your BIBLE as your MAIN RESOURCE.

4) DO NOT post any links SOLICITING DONATIONS for any cause. We are unable to know who is legitimate and who is not. (There is a future plan to become associated with an organization who certifies charity groups, because we understand the need for donations sometimes, when this happens this rule will be adjusted)

5) DO NOT Block Admins.

*Your posts MUST be in ENGLISH*

** All religious groups and beliefs are INVITED to partake, but this is a CHRIST JESUS CENTERED GROUP. Bear patience with other members and avoid HAUGHTY spirits and unnecessary quick reactions. Remember this is the internet and sometimes a written word can be misinterpreted. SHOW LOVE in your communication and above all else GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO ALMIGHTY GOD **

"You are the light of the world--like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." -Matt 5:14
Thank you all.

In Christ,
Bible Study In Facebook.