Jesus Bus Dronfield (sponsored by Sainsburys)

sponsored by Sainsburys Dronfield - thanks for all the goodies!

...the "Jesus Bus Dronfield" project is running inside the Baptist Church ("Dronfield Minster"!! ha ha) opposite Sainsburys on Wreakes Lane at 8pm Friday nights.

The bus is still alive but is parked in Chesterfield.

What do you think about using the bus or the Church building? Which do you prefer?

We will message you early with what’s on, where the project is on a particular Friday, when the bus is out etc. & you can tell us what you want!

Please post any questions you may have about Christian faith, the bus project, life in general etc. etc. and do feel free to add photos (be sensible!! ;-) etc….

Please message Roy Fowkes, Teresa Taylor or Andy Evers to be added to the group.