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Welcome to 'Jewish London'.
We are the first and only Jewish London site on Facebook covering the whole of London and we welcome any posts, articles and photographs about London's past and present, from a Jewish perspective.

Feel free to post details of upcoming 'not for profit' Jewish events in your area of London, as well as historical and family photographs and information.


All posts must be relevant to Jewish London (within the M25) although certain exceptions may be made.
Major news articles that are not relevant to London but are of Jewish interest, may be posted.
The final decision on posting, will be made by the Admin.
Comments under posts (threads) will often veer off the subject of the original post. That is the nature of threads and is fine.

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Racist or homophobic comments are not allowed, as are gratuitous swearing and will be removed if the admin see fit to do so.
In some circumstances, the person posting such comments may be removed from site.

Jews (like those from other religions) come in all shades of orthodoxy and therefore the criticising of other members in the threads due to their chosen lifestyle or level of orthodoxy, may result in a removal from the group.

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