Joan McDonald High School (FB Joanians)

This is Not an Official Joan McDonald High School Group.
Group Policies:
1. The group is restricted to Students of Joan McDonald High School, Lahore only.
2. Any new member willing to join must notify their batch year.
3. Any member found as non-joanian in the group will immediately be removed.
4. Group activities are highly intact with sharing school memoirs, pictures, events, reunions, get-together & news!
5. Irrelevant activities/posts like jokes, cartoons, politics, religion, offensive discussions, etc are illegitimate & will be deleted.
6. Helping, Guiding & occasional Greetings are permissible to each other.
7. The images shared in this group are for joanians only. Please do not share pictures of others outside this group without poster's prior permission.
8. Humble notice will be issued to non-serious members and they will be banned upon further disobedience.
9. We all ought to keep the group a decent place & a manifestation of the Joan McDonald School.

Thanks & Regards
Group Admins