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Exactly what is says offer jobs/services or take a job/service offer Buy and sell ONLY handmade or home made products


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Soldiers/martyrs of any faith will be banned FROM THE GET GO(either they have already a dangerous job or won't be needing a job soon in both cases so let the ones who want to work have the job)

Only "bump" your posts or repost each other 20 posts (you post... wait 20 posts from other members then your turn again) . And bumps/comments are NOT to be deleted. This makes it fair for everyone in the group. Blatant disregard of this rule may result in removal from the group. (bump is to post a comment on your picture or post in order for it to be jumped/bumped back to the top of the page) Please only use one line to bump No duplicate posts. All duplicate will be deleted by admin from top.

ONLY handmade or home made products/ artisan products When you have multiple (5+) items please post as an album, this will help both you and us. Please only bump/post 5 items at a time, wait 30 mins and bump the next 5 otherwise it floods the page.

3 strike rule... three complaints, 3 admin warnings, gazumping or breaking any rules and we are sorry but you will be removed.

Any posts that have not been bumped for 14 days + will be DELETED, this is to keep the group free of 'dead' posts and the group running smoothly


NO commercial selling. Please use our sister page for buying/selling purposes

NO baby/kiddie items

NO MLMs or any pyramid type marketing scheme tolerated

NO money landing/credit companies on any loan sharking tolerated if you persist you will get banned !

NO weapons or potential weapons

NO posting links to other groups this includes ebay, amazon etc

Do not do deals via inbox please keep them to the wall.

If your item is being advertised ELSEWHERE please state this in your ad.

We are sorry but we do not allow membership for any new(-3months) or religious profiles (wrong group for "that") or closed profiles.

Anyone seen as bullying, being abusive, swearing or treating other members disrespectfully will be removed from the group. If you have a problem with another member, please either 'take it off group' or PM an admin so we can try help