Jobs Melton and Bacchus Marsh

This group is for:
- Job vacancies
- Job seeker profiles
- Ca...reer advice and alike
- Tips and advice for job hunting
- Any vacancy that you have seen or heard about in Bacchus Marsh or Melton Australia

This group if not for:
- Network Marketing
- Advertising vocational/educational COURSES
- Business advertisements UNLESS your business services job seekers needs
- PARTY PLAN business opportunities
- Merchandise for sale
- Offers which require a financial outlay such as: start your own business, business for sale or franchise opportunities
- General community notices

This group is intended for official paid employment positions that pay a wage, salary or a retainer and require a signed official and legitimate employment contracted (e.g. EPA etc.)

EMPLOYERS: Please provide a job description and/or the name of the business to avoid any confusion and scamming.
There have been several posts on here lately with members refusing to provide job details even or name of company but are asking people to PM them and provide their contact details.

I have also created a group THE ROAD TO SUCCESS where we can share our success stories and support each other on The Road To Success in job search, career development and personal expansion. It is an inspiring group with a focus on positivity learning and growth. We can share stories, experiences, advice, motivational and inspiring idioms and more. If you would like to share your job search journey, please come and join me here -->

Feel free to share any job search experiences you may have had, but please do not mention any names (employer, company or coworker names), and keep it clean. No bad language is acceptable. If you have a problem with another member please do not argue here, take it somewhere else. This is a productive and supportive environment only. Good Luck and happy hunting!
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