jopadhola wiloka (uganda and beyond)


Jopadhola Wiloka is a community of Jopadhola currently out of Tororo district (ancestral home), due to various reasons and callings such as; education, career, intermarriage, work, as well as migration trends.

We are a people with love for our identity
Coming together to build and make firm our heritage
through community integration & socio-economic empowerment

Jopadhola Wiloka in partnership with other like minded individuals convene monthly meetings and activities at various venues in Kampala and in the Diaspora in Geographical chapters as a conduit for developmental and issue based programmes for the common good of the Adhola and affiliated communities.

Our Activities are listed below:
1.Career & Education Fairs
2.Health & Sensitization Drives
3.Grand Annual Adhola Reunion & or Dinner
4.Adhola End of Year Cultural Gala
6.Quarterly Build-Your-Kingdom (BYK) Fairs
7.Monthly Networking Fellowships

Coming together is a dream that we have chosen to pursue. Keeping together is the progress we seek to live . Working together is the success that we wholeheartedly have to withhold even when all hope seemsfaint. We as a people have the potential and the drive to be different. When the sun goes down at the end of the day, Let not this day fade without every single one of us pondering on the distant call that clearly asks of us to unite for the best; Economically, Spiritually, Socially and Politically. It may seem hard as we curve that out, but surely and most assuringly, we shall get there one day as we come together.

Long live the Heritage
long live Jopadhola.