The Appeal group is Jordan's largest non-profit network of volunteers, and the first facebook group in Jordan dedicated to helping animals. We encourage people to adopt their pets and not buy them...and we want to warn people BEFORE their dogs get stolen. We usually get new members AFTER the dogs are stolen and then it's too late. It's very frustrating to see the same story over and over - people didn't know how dangerous it was for their dogs. We get at least 1-2 stolen dogs per week, and we have had 7 dogs stolen in one week. It really can happen to you!

There are more animals than owners in Jordan; please ADOPT AND DO NOT BUY YOUR PETS. This group will not allow the buying and selling of animals on the wall - EVER. It is strictly NOT FOR PROFIT.

This group was formed to rescue and care for animals in Jordan. That includes stopping cases of cruelty, and lobbying the government to implement animal welfare laws. This group is about rescuing lost and abandoned animals from the streets and finding them new homes - through adoption, not profiting from them.

We exist to educate the public on why Jordan's pet stores are a national shame - it's up to you to educate yourself.

The photos on page 5 show the conditions that animals at a Jordanian puppy mill were kept. The puppies were sold to pet shops and Jordanian citizens with no vaccinations and fake health certificates.

After a pressure campaign by members of this group, the Minister of Trade has cancelled the registration of dog thief and puppy mill owner KARENA GAIVORONSKAY. SHE IS NO LONGER LEGALLY ALLOWED TO TRAIN, WORK, BREED OR SELL PUPPIES IN JORDAN.