Fundraising For Jordan's Burberry

Hi my name is Jordan Volness, and I'm a Burberry addict. I'm also very sad, because as a Burberry addict it is very upsetting to me that I do not have any Burberry. All I want is one coat. The most beautiful coat that has ever been made in the history of man kind.

The only problem is, I don't have 3,000 dollars just laying around. But I can't let this stop me. I have to remember that I have no morals nor do I have a soul and I must stop at nothing to get my Burberry coat. I am desperate.

If I can get my friends on facebook, members of this group, or people who watched my video about this to just donate 1 or 2 dollars to my PayPal I could make enough money to get my coat. And I will forever be a happy camper. What's in it for you? Well if just the thought of doing something good in the world and stopping me from killing myself isn't good enough we can figure something out.

My PayPal is

So please. Please. Please please help me. Help me feed my addiction to beauty.