Orbital Vaping Headquarters

Welcome to the new Orbital Vaping Headquarters! Here in the orbi...ting lab, you're joining us in helping people stop smoking and bring the future of vaping as a lifestyle to as many people as possible! We review mods, atomizers and eLiquid and do as much advocacy as we can!

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This is a place to talk openly and exchange opinions on vaping and vape gear. All vapers over 18 are welcome! All members can add other friends and a moderator will approve them.

This is also place and forum to trade and sell vape gear, equipment, advice or anything else pertaining to the continuing spirit of vaping and keeping people off the combustion. Please keep it respectable, fair and even priced. If craigslist is too much of a hassle or you have some gear you just want to trade with a friend put it up here.

Commercial postings are NOT permitted - this group is for person to person sales / trades. If you have any doubts - please ask before spamming the group with ads for your business.