The Edge of Time: The Authoritative Biography of Kalpana Chawla

Biography of Indian-born NASA astronaut Kalpana Chawla written b...y her husband, Jean-Pierre Harrison. Covers her life from birth in India to graduate studies in the US followed by an aerospace engineering career culminating in her 1994 selection into the US astronaut corps. Details her two space shuttle flights, the last being the ill-fated STS-107 mission aboard space shuttle Columbia.

The Edge of Time includes 242 pages, 76 images, and a 19 page index.

Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9768279-0-0
Softcover ISBN 978-0-9768279-1-7

Published by Harrison Publishing, 11835 Skyline Blvd., Los Gatos, CA 95033, USA.


• Dedication
• Contents
• Preface
• Prologue
• Chapter One: India
• Chapter Two: Arlington
• Chapter Three: Boulder
• Chapter Four: Sunnyvale
• Chapter Five: Houston
• Chapter Six: STS-87
• Chapter Seven: Interlude
• Chapter Eight: STS-107
• Chapter Nine: Aftermath
• Epilogue
• Index