Kansas City Longboard Community (KCLC). Unity, Respect, Stoke.

Kansas City Longboard Community (KCLC) Started by Burning Spider Stoke Company's founders in 2011, originally to bring together the fledgling longboard communities of Springfield and Kansas City. Springfield's Longboard Club blew up in 2012 and the Kansas City's crew grew up as well.
One of the unique and challenging things about Kansas City is that the city spreads out over a huge area between two states. Also to support the scene the city is home to two longboard stores. The Kansas side has Ride Four Ever Sports pretty big well established and starting to support the group by sponsoring riders and getting them set up. Missouri has Burning Spider Stoke Company, LLC. Opened in 2012 to support the Missouri side, heck when I opened it I didn't even now the Kansas side had a store.
Now with some ruff patches, as all growth will produce, behind us 2013 is poised to be huge for us.
Just visiting? Moving in? Join up, post up your session, let us know where you are going to be skating, and what kinda riding you want to do. No matter where you are at, someone is going to be close by. Post your Vids, tell us a spot that we need to skate, post your sessions.
Kansas City Longboard Community (KCLC). Unity, Respect, Stoke. Everyone, Every crew, Every shop.