Kathy Orta Files fan club

Welcome to the Paper Phenomenon Fan Page. Please share your Paper Phenomenon projects here. We have a NO soliciting policy. Please remember, if you have any questions regarding a purchase contact Kathy Files via the Contact Me button on the Paper Phenomenon Website. Questions regarding purchases will be deleted. Always be respectful of each other. You guys can talk about whatever you want on here with 1 exception : I ask that you do not promote or post projects created by other designers. This is the Paper Phenomenon Fan Page not the Other Designer Fan Page. Please I can't nor do I want to police this page. It was create so we all have a place to post Paper Phenomenon projects, a place to ask questions about the projects if you are having trouble or just to SHARE guys!!!! That is it -- I love to see all the post about where you pick up xyz - products as long as you are not posting things that I sell. I have a trinket shop -- people. If you are posting where you can find something that I sell, then that is not very nice -- don't you think? I am not a store, I do not care if you post a place that you love to shop, where you got a good deal, however, I do care if I sell it. Please do not make this request nothing other than a respectful request from me. you don't see me posting my projects on another designers page, or pushing my project or product-- ONLY on my pages, I request the same in return, I want to be respectful of other crafters/designers. I hope you can all understand where I am coming from. If you want to share a project that is not mine, all you have to do is post it to your page. That is all I ask. I dont' want to hear anymore-- I can't take the drama. Life if too short and so hard to have to deal with it here. Please help me and the admins make this place fun and the place you all want to come to.