KCLT- Konkani Community Language And Traditions

Group Profile:

KCLT Family: Konkani Community Language and Trad...itions….and Family
This a group launched with a clear mission and vision and keeping future trends in mind. Presently it is a closed group and it has been launched by few like minded enlightened global citizens with a Mission and a clear Vision.

Membership and broad outlook of the group:

Membership is open only to Konkani speaking people or Community … … and the explanation for it is :- Konkani speaking people spread among different Castes, Regions and Religions like Roman Catholics, Christians belonging to Protestants and other denominations, Hindus, Gowd Saraswat Brahmins, Navayats or Muslims, Kudumbis and even Siddis of African origin.
Note: These are broad guidelines so to avoid any confusion and to keep harmony on the wall. Awareness is the best way to know about each other and appreciate it too. Please cooperate

Rules and Regulations:
1. What is allowed:- Regular messages, greetings , your thoughts and feelings, topics on different Festivals, traditions and culture. It is also suggested that if you are posting a Photo- try to add your message along with it. Anybody breaking this tradition or rule (1 &2) will be warned and the grievance cell will initiate disciplinary actions as stipulated by the administrators. We Hope you will cooperate
2. What you cannot post: Members please note the wall belongs to group of people collectively and not of an Individual, and we expect women, teenagers and men of different age groups interacting with each others. Hence you are requested not to post (Text or Photos): obscene, indecent, women clad in short dresses or discriminatory, morphed images political leader images and unlawful material according to Face book Rules or stipulated by different States and governments world over. Also avoid using abusive, defamatory language which infringes rights of others. Any Post both text and photo- which is found derogatory to women, religion, race, caste or color should be avoided. Anybody breaking this tradition or rule will be warned and the grievance cell will initiate disciplinary actions as stipulated by the Administrators. We Hope you will cooperate
3. It’s a group’s wall - hence you are not permitted to post Commercial Advertisement, or any message about selling your personal goods. Avoid posting links to news websites or advertise about your websites or links to your WebPages. Such posts will be deleted after giving a warning through our grievance cell.
Administrators reserves the right to Block or terminate membership and their post without notice if any objectionable content is posted by members even after repeated warnings. We hope you will abide our broad rules and guidelines.

The Administrative Team shall consist of 44 members including 2 Adviosry team :