KE70 AE71 an AE86 Buy Swap Sell / Sales AUSTRALIA

updating this for people "new to the corolla scene"

This is a sales page for corollas and similar toyota cars and parts, mostly dedicated too KE70's AE71's KE71's AE86's TE71's 4AGE's.

please consolidate items for sale if you have a few.

avoid shit talking and small chit chat so as to avoid bumping other's adds down.

please only bump once a day.


if you are writing a post starting with "not sure if this is aloud here" do your self a favor and dont as the admins will delete it anyway.

yes a 4age will fit in a corolla
what do i need to fit a 4age in a corolla? google
what pcd is a ke70? google
why dont i read the desription before posting on this page? cause youre an arrogant cunt.

ffs people it only takes a second, us admins go to the effort of going through each and everyone of your pages to assure that the person requesting isnt going to clog up YOUR sales page with shoe adds, or oakley adds, or selling a fucking parrot, only see it fitting that you could take a few minutes to read this when you hit "join group"