Kemptville Moms & Playgroups

Hello Kemptville, ON (and surrounding area communities)! this gr...oup started, because I did not know a soul in Kemptville, what to do or where where to go with my young children. The group's guidelines follow, but first, great places for new parents to start in Kemptville are:

Ontario Early Years Centre-Kemptville 613-258-2225

The Kemptville Area Family Resource Centre
Phone: (613)258-0138 or (613)258-6414
Fax: (613)258-0138 E-mail:
Group's Purpose & Posting Guidelines (FAQs)

This is intended as a place where parents who have young children can connect. It is important to get out of the house to socialize and to keep everyone in the family active, happy and healthy.

Connect here, communicate, make friends, form playgroups, organize walks. Make a play date, go to the splash pad, do fitness together. Meet friends to arrange free kid-minding days, for grocery shopping day, to shop alone! Bliss!

Feel free to share information about upcoming family or kid specific events, fun things in the area, safety about toys. Provide information and referrals for reliable sitters & daycare, etc.

Importantly, for those post partum, so you are not stuck in the house for days on end... this group is a place where you can reach out and communicate with others in the same position – which is a lifesaver and a guard against isolation and depression. Know that you are not alone.

Guidelines for Posting:

Before posting or advertising to this group, please first read the above group description. If your post is appropriate to the group and not repetitive (doesn't take up a lot of wall space), it will stay posted; otherwise, it could be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What about selling / finding kids items (clothes, etc.) ? –Nope, please avoid posting. You can go to: “Kemptville Baby and Children's Clothing and Toys Swap-Shop” for that and many other places.

What about promoting my business? –Depends. Is your business specifically catering to children or is it parent to child oriented? Are you promoting health of new mothers, health of family, physical fitness or artistic activities to parents with young children? If yes to either, please feel free to post, but if in doubt, please ask!

Can I advertise about daycare, babysitters, kid friendly events or fun activities? - Yes please do if local. Ask the group if you are looking for these things and someone will know!

Above all, membership is intended for parents who are local to Kemptville and surrounding areas,The group's first intention is to help parents "within our local community". - I hope you like it! smile emoticon