Kensington Homeowners, Lancaster New City Cavite

Those who would like to join the group, please send the following info: Phase, Block No., Lot No.

Welcome to Kensington Homeowners, Lancaster New City Cavite!
(1) No posting of online voting for pictures, events etc.
(2) When replying to a post, please do not be rude or engage in personal attacks. We will remove all posts that do not comply with this rule. If we have to remove a post from you more than 3 times you will be removed from the group and
(3) No advertisements or posting online selling unless it can help out other homeowners such as old Sofa, cheap tiles and to that sort.
(4) Marketing of products will be allowed as long as it will benefit the HO's such as food, gas or water delivery and to that sort.
(5) Cursing is not allowed, posting using ALL CAPS will not be allowed.
Additional rules will be posted as we move on with this group.
Admin Ambo Aldea