Kent Malawi Breeders

Please read rules before posting.

The original Kent group - often imitated never equaled. This is a group to bring together keepers and breeders of quality Malawi cichlids. The groups aim is to promote the breeding of quality fish and make them available to keepers to enhance malawi keeping in Kent. This is not a classified ads group just for people to sell fish, selling fish is for active contributors only, do not join this group if all you want to d is sell fish and not be part of our community. If you do your post will simply be deleted. If you do it twice then you will be deleted. Please feel free to post your your fish sales and wants, just please use proper names so that potential buyers can be confident and certain of what they are buying. Also, please go to the files page and read the full selling rules.

No posting of any facebook groups without admin approval. Other groups and businesses can only advertise on a Friday and only then if they are an African cichlid group or a business that will deliver to Kent