Kiddibits in Wokingham

Welcome to Kiddibits in Wokingham!

This is a group for parents in the Wokingham area to sell their Preloved kids items - eg: clothes, toys, equipment.

◾When selling an item please remember to include the date, price and your location
◾If you are selling more than 5 items please create a photo album making sure you add your name and location.
◾Please remove items once sold.
◾Admin will occasionally do a sweep.
◾Please also note that anyone abusing this site will be removed
◾Please only bump your item / album every 48 hours
◾No more than 5 items / albums a day ( OLD OR NEW )
Any more than 5 posts will be deleted without warning!
Please let admin know of any no shows & timewasters 3 strikes and they are out!
Anyone found taking advantage of other peoples generosity by accepting free items then selling them on a month or so later for a profit will be instantly banned from this group and the other couple that i'm also admin of if anyone sees it and i haven't spotted it please report it to me.

Common courtesy suggests that you should offer first refusal to your first enquirer, although if they offer lower than asking price, they take the chance of you getting a higher offer and accepting that one. Obviously we can't enforce this, but please bear it in mind.

When selling an item please give the buyer a fair amount of time to reply to arrange collection etc after recent events admin is suggesting that 24 hours is fair amount of time to wait, then if you are passing on to next person 6 hours.

We don't all have time to be on our computers etc due to other commitments but it would be polite to be given a fair chance at getting an item we would like.


** Business posts only on a Friday due to the growing number of members I feel this is now needed **

Many thanks and happy selling/bargain hunting