KLCC Runners Group

KLCC Runners Group is a free community based (like a big family)... running group on Facebook, we have weekly events which include group runs on 1st or 3rd Sunday every month during KL CarFree Sunday in Kuala Lumpur (7km).

We also organise weekly events for our members which include: Pose Method Running Clinics (by certified trainers), Integrated Yoga (designed for runners), HiiT Training Program designed to increase core strength, running workshops which explain how to run injury free and faster.

KLCC Runners Group's vision is to have 100% FREE Events, with the awesome support of our sponsors.

Health-consciousness in the country is rising owing to a variety of factors, principally among them being stress due to work, climate change and attendant pollution issues, as also a personal desire among young individuals to own up to a healthier lifestyle. Shift in thinking from care to wellness is driving much of youth outdoor sports activities. Running has become the most viable, inexpensive option given the reduced need to spend on expensive sport equipment.

KLCC Runners as a group is aimed at promoting wellness, while building relationships among people especially in today's day and age of sensitivities of all kinds. A more close-knit society represents a more prosperous and accountable one. We believe running is one small yet important element in stitching together such camaraderie. As we surge forward as a nation toward a developed status, heightened awareness and collaborative endeavors will form the pedestal for sustaining growth.

Note: If you have been a member of Facebook less than 1 year, pls PM me to approve.

With regards to members participation in any KLCC Runners Group event (‘the event’ or ‘race’), The member agrees to this waiver and release. understands, acknowledges and agree that:-Participation in such an event carries with it certain inherent risks and dangers that cannot be completely eliminated, ranging from risk of minor injuries to catastrophic injuries including permanent disability and death.
The member assumes full and complete risk and responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur during the event, while travelling to or from the event, or while on the premises of the event. The compulsory equipment stipulated in the race rules is necessary for the members own safety during the races.