KMC/Ramstein Natural Birth and Parenting

KMC/Ramstein Natural Birth and Parenting group was created to build a support and information network to parents in the area.

There will be no discrimination, bullying, or anything of the like. Everyone has their own idea of what "natural" is. Everyone is welcome here whether all you do is breastfeed or live out in a hutch completely self sustainable. All are welcome no matter where you lie on the spectrum. Also, even if you do partake in just one aspect of natural parenting it is beneficial to you to be a part of this group. You will get to see how others do things and perhaps it may just fit your lifestyle and parenting choices! You never know. :)

Examples of Natural Birth and Parenting:

Home Births
Natural Births (non-medicated)
BabyLed Weaning
Homeopathic Remedies
Delayed Vaccinations
The list goes on...

Group Mission: To help empower women and be there for one another. "It takes a village". This group was designed for the sole purpose of providing a safe haven and judgement free zone to off support and guidance for us mamas. No matter where you are on your natural parenting journey, you are welcome here. Girls compete with each other, WOMEN empower one another! That is what this group is all about. I understand at times passion can come across as a bit aggressive, so please keep this in mind when commenting/posting/giving advice. We never know what someone else is going through, so please be kind and courteous. If an admin feels a particular group member is contributing negatively to the group, you will be contacted privately. No one in this group is better than any other member and we are here again, to support one another and share our personal experiences and the knowledge we have acquired along our journeys in a respectable manner. There are many topics that are controversial in the natural parenting arena so I ask not that you withhold your differences, I ask that you keep things civil.

Thank you for all of your cooperation and welcome!

Also, I ask that if you are a Sales Consultant, there is to be no advertising or selling on this page. Thank you for your cooperation.

*****WHAT IS SAID IN THIS GROUP STAYS IN THIS GROUP. Any perpetrators will be immediately banned from group.*****

**Please do not post fliers or pictures of anything that is geared towards a specific group, organization, business, event without prior admission from admins.

ATTN REQUESTS TO JOIN: please check your inbox and others folder soon after requesting to join. I screen all requests via private message.