Kazi Nje Nje Kwa Vijana Waletao Mabadiliko Tanzania Initiative


Youth unemployment is one of the most challenges facing our Nation. There is a ever – rising number of jobless young people, who complete primary, secondary, vocational trainings as well as tertiary, but end up on the streets as hawkers or, in the worst-case scenario, vagabonds, if not criminals. Failure to combat youth joblessness could lead to widespread and disillusionment, social tension and unrest in the city. These observatory facts underscore the need to involve every stakeholder in the community in all job creation efforts. The Kazi Nje Nje Initiative is here to make young people to be job creators and not job seekers any more, transform their mind setting and of the community, and enable them see opportunities in the midst of crisis.


Create sustainable entities by nurturing, empowering and transforming Ideas into viable solutions to drive business growth.


Establish the best city and national idea hub, as a catalyst of embracing self-potential to decode ideas into action.