Great Vegetarian FOOD of India

There is something very comforting about traveling all around th...e world or tasting cuisines from all around the globe but returning home to your good old traditional food. Indian especially, India is a subcontinent which is a mixture of many cuisines and hence it is difficult for anyone in the world to classify any one regional food cuisine of India in the whole bracket of Indian cuisine. You have different cuisines from the north say chhole bhature and daal bhaati churma then you have dhoklas and wada pavs or pav bhaji in the west. The eastern part of the nation is mostly known for its momos and sweet dishes such as rasmalai and rogolla while the Southern part is often eaten as breakfast in the form of dishes such as idli sambar, dosas and vadas. The beauty of Indian vegetarian food has now become a worldwide phenomenon and the authentic taste of the motherland is being relished by people all over the world.After Chinese and American cuisine, the cuisine of our country is probably the most popular in the world what with even western celebrities vouching for the greatness of Indian vegetarian food.