Kshatriy Sena ( क्षत्रिय सेना )

शेर कितना भी बूढा क्यो ना हो शेर , शेर होता है
गीदड कितना भ...ी जवान क्यो ना हो गीदड ,गीदड होता है
राजपूत तुम तो शेर हो ,जागो और संगठित हो और विश्व पे राज्य
Kshatriy/Rajput bhiyo ,we have to unite and become strong.
Now we have to think about the procedure
One way we can unite to all Rajputs, call every Rajput in temple at every Sunday for prayer /Bhajan/Kirtan etc.
Then it will easy for us to unite and strong him.
[ Think ! why Muslim is very unit due to every Friday they collect one place and it is easy for him to convey their message. ]
So please pass this message to every village and your relative so that they can take initiative..

It is our plan to make a Rajput cell at district level for any kind of problem like you can complain about corrupt officer and then this cell will naked that officer’s activity.
So first we have to work at village level and make a village cell.
To avoid any conflict in selection process of cell head the best way is Lottery system or Dali lama selection process or both.