Kuwait Expats Group

The Expat and Future Expat Online Community. Meet, contact, connect, network. Kuwait Expats Group creates an environment for you to socialize and network on a personal and professional level with people who share common interests. Whether you're a native, new resident, or just visiting from out of town, KEG provides you a chance to experience everything Kuwait has to offer and meet others like you.

Benefits include:

+ invites to parties, luncheons, dinners, mixers, etc.
+ sporting events, cultural events, community events, etc.
+ vip / cover free access to clubs and restaurants
+ organized sports and outdoor activities
+ local to worldwide trips and tours
+ discounts on products and services from local businesses
+ training and seminars
+personal trainers
+event management services
+relocation services
+selling & buying
+recruitment Services
+ and so much more

Kuwait Expats Group is also designed to help the "motivators" of every group. KEG will provide special discounts and in some cases, profit sharing, to people who organize big groups of friends for our events. If you have a large network of friends and can get them to attend our events, you will benefit greatly from KEG. We have many incentives in place for people who promote KEG. Kuwait Expats Group can also organize events on your demand as per your needs and it can be professional and personal providing A to Z setup.
Idris Khan
CEO Kuwait Expats Group

For Any Inquiries, Advertisements, Suggestions
Whatsapp on 97781772
Email: idris322@gmail.com

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