Kuwait Social

Kuwait Social creates an environment for you to socialize and ne...twork on a personal and professional level with people who share common interests. Whether you're a native, new resident, or just visiting from out of town, Kuwait Social provides you a chance to experience everything Kuwait has to offer and meet others like you.

Benefits include:

+ invites to parties, luncheons, dinners, mixers, etc.
+ sporting events, cultural events, community events, etc.
+ vip / cover free access to clubs and restaurants
+ organized sports and outdoor activities
+ local to worldwide trips and tours
+ discounts on products and services from local businesses
+ training and seminars
+ and so much more

Kuwait Social has 7 primary functions:

1) Socializing
It's about meeting people. It's about building your network of friends. It's about finding people around Kuwait that share similar interests and common goals as you do. One of our purposes is to help every one create lasting friendships.

2) Events and Trips
Kuwait is a pretty amazing city with a lot to offer! How many times have you planned an event or trip in or around Kuwait in the last few months? Not very often we would guess! Kuwait Social will offer a full yearly calendar of fun activities and trips that you'll have the opportunity to choose from. Some of the events you can look forward to in the coming months include:

+ happy hours / dinner parties
+ theme parties
+ camping trips
+ dinner cruises
+ ski and snowboard trips
+ concerts and plays
+ sporting games and events
+ Children's activities
+ beach parties
+ and much, much, more!

3) Networking
In the everyday business society friendships go a long way. Kuwait Social will provide networking opportunities designed to bring professionals together to share ideas, referrals, and leads.

4) Organized Sports & Outdoor Activities
With all the sunshine and amazing weather we get, why would you want to spend that indoors? We'll be organizing everything from beach volleyball games to jumping out of airplanes to learning to sail.

5) Party Planning
Now with the help of people who have years of party planning experience, you can let Kuwait Social plan your next Children's Party, Birthday party, Bachelor(ette) party, or Anniversary.

6) VIP Access to Clubs
Our members will be able to get in to Kuwait's hottest clubs and hotels cover-charge free. We will be working with some of the best clubs in Kuwait to make sure that members are always treated as VIP's.

7) Public Speaking, Training, and Seminars
Kuwait Social will provide speakers to serve as keynotes, after-dinner talks, and specialty speeches as well as provide training and seminars that cover a wide range of topics.

Who is Kuwait for?
There's something for everyone! Kuwait Social is for anyone and everyone looking to expand their business and friendship network or who simply just want to have new experiences. Our primary target market is anyone age 18 and up interested in meeting new people and taking part in our ventures in and around Kuwait. Common types of members include:

+ students
+ young professionals
+ new residents
+ visitors from out of town
+ singles
+ couples

How does Kuwait Social work?
People will be directed to this web site. At the web site they can view and sign up for any upcoming events we have planned. They can also sign up for our FREE newsletter to receive weekly updates as to what Kuwait Social has planned. A new feature will be implemented in the next few months is when people choose to join as a member they will complete a short bio, including the option to post photos. Using the web site, members will be able to browse bios and photos as well as communicate online with other members. Members will have full access to all of our events, activities, etc. Non-members can still attend, but the fee may be slightly increased in some cases. Not all of our events will cost something. We have many activities planned that will be FREE to everyone.

Kuwait Social is also designed to help the "motivators" of every group. Kuwait Social will provide special discounts and in some cases, profit sharing, to people who organize big groups of friends for our events. If you have a large network of friends and can get them to attend our events, you will benefit greatly from Kuwait Social. We have many incentives in place for people who promote Kuwait Social.