malawi cichlids southwest devon, somerset,dorset & cornwall group

everyone welcome to join are friendly malawi cichlid group southwest, somerset, dorset & cornwall..We have many years of experience of keeping these stunning fish and would like to share our knowledge of these breeds.. alunacara,mbuna,haps, plecs etc..also we welcome people to chat,sale & swap cichlids ,sale tanks,pumps, all fish equipment and decorations and show off your fish,tank set ups so people can comment.. look forward to chatting to people and also to help in anyway from admins susiematt & matt welland xx

-NO fighting (bad language to other users)
-please respect peoples aking price (its there item)
-only bump your add once a day please
-only adverts to do with malawi/cichlids and tanks and equipment etc please
-if people have an issue when bought an item please contact the seller and DONT post the issue all over the groups wall
-When buying items please check the items thoroughly before handing the cash over so there is no come back ..
-once items sold please remove the old post
us admins susiematt & matt welland try to keep the page clean but if there is any problems we are here to help thanks!! x