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This group is strictly only for Indians and people who are already at Arizona State University or heading to Arizona State University for Fall 2014. This is not a community to come and have a look when you are deciding between universities.

Non Indians and people who are not part of ASU shall be removed if found at any given time.

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Hello folks,

Welcome to The Launchpad.

This is a group to help Indian graduate students at Arizona State University starting from the post-admit phase until getting full time jobs and further. We will be discussing, posting and assisting each other with useful information.

Main agenda for this community:
1. Create awareness on the issues faced by Indian community during their masters at ASU.
2. Help student find full time jobs, RA's, TA's, research work, part time jobs and internships during their stay here for masters.
3. Try to gather as many Alumni to help build strong network within ASU.
4. Facilitate smooth transition from bachelors/masters in India to masters/Phd in USA. Later from masters in US to the corporate world.

Have a enjoyable and pleasurable ride while achieving your life goals.

Adi Shri

Jai Hind!

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