League of Legends Belgium United

Belgium United is an OPEN group. Everyone is welcome, just hit join!. This is a group of gamers who enjoy playing League of Legends and live in the Belgium area. Anyone is welcome; from newcomers who are still learning, to casual players, to competitive gamers.

We regularly host events at Outpost Gamecenters in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent. We encourage everyone to participate in the fun. Even when there are no events, feel welcome to drop in for a drink or to play a few games, you'll often find members of Belgium United there. www.facebook.com/outpostgamecenter

You can use this group for any number of reasons: Finding new Summoners to game with, exchanging cool or funny LoL-related content, discussing tactics and strategy,.. Anything goes!

We encourage you to speak whatever language you like. Be that Dutch, French, English, German or Klingon.

On a last note: We do not tolerate flaming, raging or harassing of other people for any reason whatsoever. We are a family-friendly community, and gamers who cannot conduct themselves in a mature manner will be removed from the group and will be excluded from our events. Advertising without approval will be deleted.
Have a look at our rules here:



To submit your fan art (and maybe get featured in the weekly featured fan art)
Email your fan art in the best possible resolution to: wouter.dc@live.be

If you have any interest in getting your hands on some fan art or you would like a cool overlay be sure to check out:


See you on the Fields of Justice!
Good Luck and Have Fun