Raw Food for Real People

Get Real With Raw Food - A Free Community for those seeking a be...tter way of eating and living with no BS or judgement.

Want an incredibly easy way to dip your toes into the raw food diet (I hate that word!), without having to declare yourself a vegan or investing in a high speed “must have” $500 blender?

You want more energy, healthy glowing skin, effortless weight loss and never to be hungry?

Oh and not another diet?

This group is designed to guide you to enjoy more delicious and nutritious foods, but you’ll be supported all the way with recipes, shopping lists and a group of other raw food newbies and enthusiasts right here in this group.

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This is not a diet, and it's not going to be hard because it's not about restriction and now about having to relearn how to prepare everything in your day.

It’s not about what you remove from your diet, but what goodness you add to it, allowing the less nutritious choices to fall away naturally and gradually because drastic changes rarely see ongoing results.

Small changes over time lead to big results!

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Disclaimer: none of these recipes or suggestions are to replace any medical advice. If you have medical issues please see your appropriate medical professional.