Причајмо српски - Pričajmo srpski - Serbian Language Learners Worldwide

Serbian Language Learners Worldwide
Добро дошли у групу за ћаскање на српском и за учење српског језика.
Welcome to our group for chatting in Serbian and for learning Serbian language.
Dobro došli! :) I hope that you will have fun here and that you will learn a lot!

You can read more about me here: http://speakupserbian.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html
ATTENTION! We have several important rules of conduct here:

1) Feel free to add people if you think that they will find it interesting here with us. However, no apparently fake profile will be admitted.

2) Feel free to post links, pictures, all kinds of data about Serbian language or Serbia. But, every post unrelated to Serbian (or BSCM) will be deleted.

3) Any offensive or rude comment will be deleted, its author warned and eventually, if necessary, banned from the group and blocked.

4) When you join our group, it would be nice to post at least a brief comment to introduce yourself and to greet us.

5) NO SPAM! Every spamming causes an immediate and permanent ban.

Feel free to visit my blogs as well :)