*Lexington,TN Online Yardsale*

READ!! These Rules are important. If you continue without reading, you do so at your own risk. I only hand out a single warning (depending on the situation) Otherwise you will be deleted and banned from the site.. The rules are simple! Follow them!

■ NO ONE is liable for anything sold or traded on this site except the ones immediately involved.

■ *No GUNS,WEAPONS, KNIVES or AMMO to be listed on this site (This also includes BB Guns, Paintball guns, tattoo guns/equipment and/or anything else that you have to be 18 years old to purchase.

■ If you are remotely interested in an item, go ahead and put SOLD pending, then ask your questions or state concerns. If you don't put SOLD/SALE PENDING or PENDING, then the 1st person who does put it, will have 1st dibs!! No EXCEPTIONS!!

■ Whoever puts SOLD or PENDING OR SOLD/SALE PENDING 1st, has 1st dibs at item. If seller counteroffers their price, then still have have 1st dibs to the item and must write SOLD or PASS, it buyer doesn't respond within 24 hours after seller responds, then the item will go to the next person who commented sold wiling to pay the price the seller is asking. If someone offers a price higher than another buyer, the first one that puts sold, has a option to give that price or pass. 2nd person DOES NOT GET ITEM UNTIL 1st PERSON PASSES or DOESNT RESPOND

***IF YOU DONT WANT TO HOLD, make sure to state that in the description. "First one to come, gets it....NO HOLDS " (anything else pretty much confuses people) , but please, keep in mind.. people do work, and aren't available immediately.. Give people an opportunity to make it.

■ Buyers, once you agree upon price and meet seller to exchange items, please do not try to get the item for a lower price, unless the item has something wrong with it that wasn't in the description, when buying it.

■ All items should have a starting price, NO BIDDING .

■ All transactions between buyers and sellers should take place under the pic of the item for sale, not thru text messages or private messages.

■ NO *BIG* BUSINESSES on this page. Id dont want to see ADS!

■ *MAKE ALBUMS, its easy, ask how.... it makes viewing/adding/deleting/and keeping up with who and what SO MUCH EASIER on you AND everyone else!!! Also; post ONE picture only of your item, if members want additional picture you can send them via personal message. Duplicate pictures WILL be deleted.
*****If you cant make an album, You may post up to 6 photos, try to group them into a single post with details for each item in the description and DELETE them as soon as they are sold and no longer in your possession.******

■ No attitude,-or bullying-we do this for free, in our spare time. We do NOT get anything out of it and we will NOT put up with attitude from anyone or you will be banned from the group!

■ Once you have sold and exchanged, DELETE PIC so no one wastes time going through sold items!