Libya's Maniac Gamers

*Created sometime between November 15th - 16th 2009*

A group for all Libyan Gamers, doesn't matter on what console you play on, it could be from the old fashioned Atari to the 3rd Gen-consoles.

We also have rules here, as follows:-

1: Any use of vulgar language or disrespect to another member WILL NOT be tolerated!

2: Make your posts GAMING related


4: Please don't post or advertise your pages unless you confirm with the admins of this group (Nuha Jubail & Fabio M' Fayez)

5: No Spamming or duplicate posts! *We like our group clean and organized :)

6: No Spoilers (Or At least Throw a [Spoiler alert] before every post containing any Storyline Spoilers)

Enjoy the group and have fun =)