Argentine Tango of Nebraska

This site is a public forum for all groups and individuals to about Argentine Tango events in Nebraska and surrounding areas. This site does not represent any one individual, organization or business. It's purpose is to help generate interest in Argentine Tango in our area and to provide opportunities for ALL tango opportunities to be presented. Any posts or comments left on here are representative of the individual posting the comments. In some cases a person who works at a tango related business or someone who represents a club or organization will post an event in this group on behalf of their business or club. We welcome that kind of activity. However, in the absence of the official representative posting the information, or if the representative wishes not to post the information, anyone who wants to encourage participation in said public event may post about it, as long as they are not misrepresenting themselves as anything but an interested patron and as long as the event is clearly public and not private. Also, care should be taken to make sure the post is accurate in representing the event. We recommend getting information directly from the facebook page, the webpage or from the representative for the event to ensure accuracy. Please be polite in your postings and please do not post any spam. Thank you!