Hymn For The Weekend

is the largest full-...service Media Agency; we can scale to your needs and ambitions. So let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll get when you bring your product and sales challenges to us.

We initiate and produce variety of programs, such as Religious Events, Television Shows, Teleplay, Drama Serials, Soap, Musical Programs Ballets, Opera, Classical, Music Shows, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Festivals Exhibitions’ and Launching Shows, Documentaries, News related programs, Quiz Programs, Children Programs, Entertainment-for all age groups and levels of society, Fashion and life Style projections.

To establish and run, fully equipped production facilities for the production of audio/video recordings and cinematography films, beside other high tech data and program recording used as computer, telecommunication or software.

Our specialties are slot on television channels, Management of concerts, Live shows, Charity balls, Dramas, Plays etc all organized nationally and internationally.

Our releases are not restricted to any specific fields, we take pleasure and involvement goes beyond spot location to open environmental events. From venue to artist arrangements, all kind of logistics support becomes the responsibility of LIZARD EVENT MANAGEMENT(R) right from the beginning to the end.

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