Johnson County Online Yard Sales

Welcome to the Johnson County Online Yard Sales Facebook group. Please help keep this group CLEAN and FAIR for everyone. If you have posted an ad and SOLD the item, PLEASE go back and remove it to help keep the page clean and UP-TO-DATE with the latest items for sale. Also please ONLY post 8 items per day to allow everyone to be able to post and have the item seen here on the group. ( the rules may change or adjust to fit the group, if you have a request please let us know.... )

If you have a business ad please feel free to contact me personally, and I will be happy to assist you in getting it post and create your ad.

Brooke Donlon
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Deborah Pierce is the main Admin. And has been truly helpful in keeping this group running smoothly. If you have a issue please feel free to contact her, but also remember that she has taken time out of her day to answer your concerns, so please keep it simple and to the point.

Thanks so much!!