No Loli, No Life

Raising from the Ashes like a Phoenix We are the Reborn Loli is ...Life,

We are a group of Loli Lovers here to share and Promote the Love of Lolis


1. Absolutely No Hentai. We are here to Protect Loli's Not exploit them. Nudity is not allowed PERIOD, doesn't matter is censored u will get Banned!!!!

2. Be Respectful of your Fellow members, if u have a problem with someone Bring it to an admin and we will handle it

3.ABSOLUTELY NO RAPE TALK OR MEMES. We are Loli Protectors not Pedophiles

4, Please keep all Personal Problems out of group. If there is a Problem you can contact an Admin and we will do our Best to resolve the Problem. Admins are Kole Claybrook, Yedimare Escobar, Liam Clark, Roynoris Allen and Alan Buker

5. Members need to stay active and comment or like posts regularly. Please post when you can