This post serves to remind you that the purpose of this group is to provide an entertaining, comical, educational and stress-free atmosphere for all members. We can all share personal events, stories, pictures, quizzes, etc. with each other but please be mindful and respectful of others and share contents that will not offend other members. If you think a post is too provocative or offensive in nature, please do not share it with the rest of us. If you have the urge to post it, post it on your personal wall or in another group. This is not limiting folks from expressing themselves; you can express yourself without being offensive and disrespectful to others. If someone posts something and ask for your comments and feedback, feel free to comment but do not belittle, insult, or get hostile towards another member. If you do, you may be removed from the group. We are all here to have a good time and learn from each other in a positive way.
Lately there have been a few posts and comments that were distasteful/disrespectful and they triggered Facebook authorities to contact us, requesting us to take action.
We, the Admins of this group, do not want to remove anyone from the group but if you cannot abide by these simple ground rules, we will be forced to remove you.
Happy posting!