Latvian Dachshunds and Hunting Terriers Club

Latvian Dachshunds and Hunting Terriers Club was established in 2004 on the Latvian Hunting Breed Dog Hobbyists’ Club dachshunds and hunting terriers section background. The section has been operating in Hunting Dog Club since 1997. The main mission of the Club is to associate the owners and hobbyists of such wonderful dog breeds as dachshund, fox-terrier, German hunting terrier and welsh-terrier. The Club is going in organising breeding, exhibitions and trainings. The main direction of breeding work is improvement of exterior of Latvian dogs in conformity with European Breeds’ Standarts (FCI) and development of qualities of working (hunting) dogs. Variety of all dachshunds breeds by hair and size is represented in the Club (standart, miniature and rabbit dachshunds).

The Club cooperates with Baltic, Russian and European clubs and kennls, where breeding material comes from. The Club organizes up to 3 specialized dog shows per year. The 10th jubilee show successfully came about on the 3rd and 4th of July, 2004. A summer Dachshunds and Hunting Terriers Festival that is 2 days long became a tradition of the Club. Show, different competitions such as “Night examinations”, blood trace, “wild boar enclosure” and just nice rest with your family and pet outside with lots of interesting events (for children as well) are included in Festival program.

Also, you can always buy nice dachshund or terrier puppy in the Club, get a consultation of experienced specialist, find a breeding partner for your dog or communicate with the people who share your views.

Welcome to our Club!