LuLaRoe Amanda Church | VIP's

LuLaRoe is a clothing company dedicated to making woman feel goo...d about themselves and helping families thrive!

We have dresses, skirts, shirts, leggings, athletic leggings, kids styles, and a mens shirt!

The first time I put on a pair of the leggings, I was hooked! They are the softest leggings I have EVER had the pleasure of wearing!!!

Then I met Nicole... Oh Nicole.... I am not a dress wearer, well let me rephrase, I was not a dress wearer... NOW I find reasons to wear one just so I can put on a Nicole!

All of the styles are flattering on everyone and as a full figured lady myself I have tested them!

LuLaRoe only produces 2.500 pieces in each pattern over all styles so if you see something you like get it fast because chances are you won't see it again in your size.

*********Please know that my home is a smoke-free and very dog friendly environment so if you are allergic to dogs please purchase from another consultant.

Shipping costs:
-1 item is flat rate of $3
-All other orders will be sent priority shipping for a flat rate of $6

To shop inventory:
-Visit the photo albums where each style has its own album and organized by size
-When you find something you love, comment on the photo 'sold'
-If an item you love has already been claimed, you can comment 'next' and you will be next in line if the sale falls through for any reason.
-When you are completely done shopping please use this form to check out. Thank you!