LuLaRoe with Amanda

So what is the big hype? About 2 months ago I saw one of my friends post about LuLaRoe and watching two parties at once and admitting her addiction. So of course what do I but jump on the LLR website and see these super cute dresses, skirts and leggings. I had to know what this was all about as this friend has impeccable taste!

I joined a couple of groups and watched and learned and saw a TON of cute clothes. I located local consultants, joined their Facebook groups and entered in one of their give aways - GUESS WHAT - I WON! I never win anything and this way I could try them for FREE. I get my leggings in the mail wrapped in pink tissue paper with tie dye yarn and frantically tear them out of the bag. AMAZING - so soft and buttery and comfortable! I wore them for 2 days around the house but then I had to have more.

I joined a dozen or so more groups attended pops up and got my first Cassie skirt! Again LOVE and I can wear it to work :) From that point on it has been a whirlwind of loving the clothes to expressing interest in becoming a consultant. My sponsor is Heather Curran ( who I won my first pair of leggings from) and she is a great mentor and support system.

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Happy Roeing!!!!