Macau Ideas Network (MIN)

The Macau Ideas Network (MIN) was founded by Andrew W Scott on 1 October 2014.

MIN is a clearing house for thoughts. An incubator for ideas. A place where nothing is off-topic – if it’s interesting to you then it’s fair game for the Macau Ideas Network. The common denominator for posts in the Macau Ideas Network is simply, Macau.

Nothing is off-topic (subject to our rules, which can be found here: If you find something interesting, funny or topical and you want to share it with others, please go ahead and post it. You might want to ask for some help or have a question. Maybe you want to ask where you can buy something or how you can do something. Go ahead and make a post on MIN. Hopefully someone will respond and help. You might want to post a funny video, a fun fact or a thought for the day on MIN. That’s fine. You might want to tell the group’s members about an event that is happening in Macau. That’s fine – post it on MIN. You might want to post a picture of a cake you just baked, or a video you just made, or a poem you just composed. That’s fine – post it on MIN.

You might want to find like-minded people in Macau concerning a specific interest. Maybe you want to find friends to golf with or play paintball with or starting a knitting club with or have a party with. That’s fine – post it on MIN. You might want to suggest something that ought to be done. Or point out some problem or issue that you believe should be addressed. Or bring attention to someone you think should be helped. Or post your latest idea for a business to get feedback on or any one of a bazillion things. They are all absolutely fine – just make a post on MIN.

I suspect some people might jump in and say MIN is a political group. It isn’t. Sure, if you WANT to discuss politics go right ahead, be my guest. But MIN isn’t set up purely for that purpose.

For more details, please see the foundation post of MIN (

MIN was spun off from Macau Taxi Driver Shame (, a Facebook group founded by Sloane Jorba on 30 June 2014.