Macau Taxi Driver Shame

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Macau Taxi Driver Shame is the official Facebook group of the Macau Taxi Passenger Association.

Please post your Macau Taxi horror stories: driver "Black list" incidents such as "fishing", refusing fares, overcharging, using fake IDs, being rude, lying ("sorry, shift change"), cheating, swindling and all other types of bad behavior. Please also post "White list" incidents too: complimentary stories of helpful and courteous taxi drivers (although at the moment those are few and far between).

Pictures and videos encouraged, especially in real time. If posting in real time, please write "HAPPENING RIGHT NOW" in your post.

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The aim of this group is to push for change in the Macau taxi industry, to improve it from the mess it was when this group was founded. We believe through a variety of strategies we can slowly turn the industry around to the point that one day Macau can be proud of her taxi industry.